Kenmore Appliance Repair

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Kenmore Appliance Repair is important for keeping your home appliances working well. At Quick Fix Appliance, we have over 10 years of experience as a family-owned business. Above all, we give great service. Our team uses factory-approved methods and keeps learning through workshops, training sessions, and online tutorials.

We work closely with appliance makers to get the latest knowledge and the right parts. In other words, we stay updated to provide the best Kenmore appliance repair services to our customers. Therefore, you can trust us to take good care of your Kenmore appliances.

Kenmore Appliance Repair

Understanding Kenmore Appliance Repair

Kenmore Appliance Repair helps keep your appliances working well. Regular check-ups can stop big problems and save money. At Quick Fix Appliance, we fix Kenmore refrigerators, washers, and more. Our team is skilled and uses top-quality parts. So, whether you live in Buford, GA, or nearby, we can help. In other words, we provide fast and effective repair services. Therefore, trust Quick Fix Appliance for your appliance repair Kenmore needs. Above all, we make sure your appliances stay in good shape and work without any trouble.

Kenmore Appliance Repair Brands We Service

Kenmore Appliance Repair
Kenmore Appliance Repair
Kenmore Appliance Repair

Versatility in Kenmore Appliance Repair

At Quick Fix Appliance, we are experts in Kenmore appliance repair. We know that different brands need different methods. So, we train our team to handle many brands. This means we can fix more than just Kenmore appliances.

Other Brands 

We repair appliances from many top brands. For instance, we fix LG, General Electric, and Frigidaire. Also, we handle Samsung and Maytag products. In addition, our team repairs Whirlpool, Cafe, and Miele appliances. After that, we also take care of high-end brands like Wolf and Thermador. Therefore, we can fix KitchenAid and Sub-Zero appliances as well.

Expertise and Quality Service

Our versatility shows our expertise. We understand the needs of each brand. So, you can trust us with your appliance, no matter the brand. In other words, our team has the skills and knowledge to provide high-quality repairs. Therefore, Quick Fix Appliance is your go-to for reliable Kenmore appliance repair Buford, GA and more.

Why Choose Quick Fix Appliance for Kenmore Repairs?

Experience and Expertise

Quick Fix Appliance has many years of experience in Kenmore appliance repair. Our team knows how to fix all Kenmore appliances. So, we can handle any problem you have. In other words, we are experts in Kenmore repairs.

Skilled Technicians

Our technicians are highly skilled. They get regular training to stay updated on the latest repair methods. For instance, they learn new techniques and use the best tools. Therefore, you can trust them to do a great job.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We care about our customers. Quick Fix Appliance is committed to providing excellent service. After that, we make sure every repair meets your expectations. Above all, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Quality Parts and Fast Service

We use only high-quality parts for repairs. This ensures your Kenmore appliances work well and last longer. Also, we aim to provide fast service. So, you won’t have to wait long for your appliances to be fixed. In other words, we value your time.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Quick Fix Appliance is a name you can trust for Kenmore appliance repair Buford, GA. We are reliable and always ready to help. Therefore, you can count on us for any Kenmore repair needs you have.

Common Kenmore Appliance Issues

Refrigerator Problems

Kenmore refrigerators can stop cooling properly. This can spoil food and be very frustrating. So, it’s important to fix these problems quickly. Kenmore appliance repair can solve issues like broken thermostats and seals. In addition, we use quality Kenmore appliance repair parts to ensure your fridge works well again.

Washer and Dryer Issues

Washers and dryers are important for daily chores. Common problems include washers not draining or dryers not heating. These issues can disrupt your routine. For instance, a broken washer means laundry piles up. Therefore, our Kenmore elite appliance repair service can fix these problems fast.

Oven and Stove Problems

Ovens and stoves can have issues like uneven heating or burners not lighting. This makes cooking hard. So, it’s important to get them repaired quickly. Quick Fix Appliance can handle all Kenmore appliance repair needs for your kitchen. In other words, we make sure your cooking appliances work perfectly.

Microwave Malfunctions

Built-in microwaves can stop heating or have door latch problems. These issues can make cooking less convenient. Our team provides expert Kenmore appliance repair to fix any microwave problem. After that, your microwave will work like new.

Commercial Appliance Repair
Kenmore Appliance Repair

Freezer Issues

Freezers can have problems like not freezing or making strange noises. These issues can lead to food spoilage. Therefore, it’s crucial to get professional Kenmore appliance repair. We use quality Kenmore appliance repair parts to ensure long-lasting fixes.

Dishwasher Problems

Kenmore dishwashers can face issues like not cleaning dishes properly or water not draining. These problems can be a hassle in your kitchen. So, our Kenmore appliance repair service can quickly address these issues. After that, your dishwasher will run smoothly again.

Garbage Disposal Issues

Garbage disposals can jam or leak, causing kitchen problems. For instance, a jammed disposal can lead to bad smells. Quick Fix Appliance offers reliable Kenmore appliance repair for garbage disposals. Therefore, we ensure your kitchen stays clean and functional.

Expert Tips for Maintaining Kenmore Appliances

Regular Cleaning

Keep your Kenmore appliances clean. For instance, wipe down your fridge inside and out. Also, clean the coils to improve efficiency. Clean your oven and stove regularly to avoid buildup. This helps them work better and last longer.

Check Seals and Gaskets

Inspect seals and gaskets on your fridge and freezer doors. In other words, make sure they are tight and free of cracks. Replace them if needed. This prevents cold air from escaping and keeps your appliances running well.

Avoid Overloading

Don’t overload your washer or dryer. Overloading can cause wear and tear. Also, it reduces cleaning effectiveness. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for load sizes. This helps avoid unnecessary Kenmore appliance repair.

Use the Right Detergents

Use the recommended detergents for your washer and dishwasher. Some detergents can cause buildup or damage. Therefore, using the right products helps maintain your Kenmore appliances.

Check Hoses and Filters

Inspect hoses and filters regularly. For instance, check the water supply hoses on your washer. Replace them if they show signs of wear. Also, clean or replace filters in your dishwasher and fridge. This ensures they work efficiently.

Monitor Appliance Performance

Pay attention to how your appliances are working. If you notice any unusual noises or performance issues, address them quickly. Early detection can prevent major problems. Therefore, timely Kenmore appliances repair can save you money.

Keep Appliances Level

Make sure your appliances are level. An unbalanced washer can cause vibration and noise. Also, it can lead to more serious problems over time. Therefore, adjust the legs to keep your appliances stable.

Defrost Your Freezer

Defrost your freezer regularly to prevent ice buildup. Ice buildup can reduce efficiency. So, keep the freezer running smoothly by defrosting it as needed.

How to Troubleshoot Common Kenmore Appliance Problems

Kenmore Appliance Repair
Oven Appliance Repair

Refrigerator Not Cooling

If your Kenmore refrigerator is not cooling, first check the thermostat. Make sure it is set to the right temperature. Also, check if the coils are clean. Dust can cause them to overheat. In other words, clean the coils regularly to keep the fridge working well. If these steps don’t help, you might need Kenmore appliance repair.

Washer Not Draining

If your washer is not draining, check the drain hose. It might be clogged or kinked. So, make sure it is straight and free of blockages. Also, check the filter. Clean it if it’s dirty. If the problem continues, it’s time to call for Kenmore appliance repair.

Dryer Not Heating

If your dryer is not heating, first check the lint filter. A clogged filter can cause heating problems. Clean it after each use. Also, check the vent hose for blockages. In other words, make sure it is clear. If the dryer still doesn’t heat, you may need a professional repair.

Oven Not Heating Evenly

If your oven is not heating evenly, check the heating elements. They might be broken or dirty. Clean them and see if the problem improves. Also, check if the oven door seal is tight. A loose seal can cause heat to escape. For serious issues, consider Kenmore appliance repair.

Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes

If your dishwasher isn’t cleaning dishes well, first check the spray arms. They might be clogged with food particles. Clean them thoroughly. Also, make sure you’re using the right detergent. In other words, some detergents work better than others. If problems continue, you may need help from Quick Fix Appliance.

Microwave Not Heating

If your microwave is not heating, check if it’s plugged in properly. Also, make sure the door closes completely. Sometimes, the door latch can get stuck. After that, if the microwave still doesn’t work, it might need Kenmore appliance repair.

Freezer Making Strange Noises

If your freezer is making strange noises, check the fan. It might be dirty or obstructed. Clean it and see if the noise stops. Also, check if the freezer is level. An unlevel freezer can cause noise. If the noise continues, consider professional help.

Garbage Disposal Jammed

If your garbage disposal is jammed, first turn it off. Check for any visible blockages and remove them. Also, use a disposal wrench to turn the blades manually. After that, if it still doesn’t work, you might need Kenmore appliance repair.

The Benefits of Professional Kenmore Appliance Repair

Taking care of your commercial appliances can save you time and money. Here are some simple tips to help keep your appliances in top shape. These tips will also reduce the need for frequent appliance repair commercial services.


Hiring a professional for Kenmore appliance repair keeps you safe. Appliances have complex parts. So, trying to fix them yourself can be risky. Professionals know how to handle these parts safely. In other words, they can repair your appliances without danger.


Professional repair services are quick and efficient. Experts have the right tools and knowledge. Also, they can find problems fast. After that, they can fix your appliance quickly. Therefore, you can get back to your daily routine faster.

Kenmore Appliance Repair
Kenmore Appliance Repair


Professional repairs make your appliances last longer. Using high-quality Kenmore appliance repair parts keeps your appliance working well for a long time. Regular professional maintenance also prevents future problems. So, you save money by avoiding frequent replacements.

Expert Knowledge

Professionals know a lot about Kenmore appliance repair. They are trained to handle all types of problems. For instance, they can fix both small and big issues. Also, they stay updated on the latest repair techniques. Therefore, you get the best service possible.

Warranty Protection

Using a professional Kenmore appliance repair service Buford, GA protects your warranty. Many warranties require repairs to be done by certified technicians. So, using a professional service keeps your warranty valid. In other words, your appliance stays covered.

Proper Tools and Parts

Professionals use the right tools and parts for repairs. They have access to genuine Kenmore appliance repair parts. This ensures your appliance is fixed correctly. Also, using the right tools prevents more damage. Therefore, your appliance is in good hands.

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Hiring a professional saves you time. You don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out the problem. Professionals can quickly identify and fix issues. So, you can focus on other important tasks.

Reliable Results

Professional repairs are reliable. Experts make sure the problem is fully fixed. They do a thorough check to prevent future issues. Therefore, you can trust that your appliance will work well after the repair.


When you hire Quick Fix Appliance for Kenmore appliance repair, you get peace of mind. Our team knows how to handle all Kenmore appliances. So, you can trust us to fix them safely and quickly. We use high-quality Kenmore appliance repair parts. This ensures your appliances work well and last longer. Also, our services are fast, so you can get back to your routine quickly.

Our technicians are experts in Kenmore appliance repair. They stay updated on the latest techniques. For instance, they can handle both small and big problems. Using our Kenmore appliance repair service keeps your warranty valid. Many warranties need certified technicians. If your Kenmore appliance needs repair, contact Quick Fix Appliance at 678-704-3130 or 770-852-0595.

Over 600+ Reviews

Rob Longo
Rob Longo
3 months ago
Read More

I purchased a new washer/dryer set and needed to have the dryer side-vented to fit my laundry room space. None of the big box retailers offer this service, so after reading multiple reviews, I connected with Igor at Quick Fix who scheduled my job ASAP. Through no fault of Quick Fix, the retailer botched my delivery three times, which caused me to reschedule and ultimately, put the project on hold with Quick Fix. The units were finally delivered and upon notifying Quick Fix they were in-hand, they sent a technician (Alex) to my home that day. Literally, Alex was at my house starting the job within 2 hours.

Don Lambrino
Don Lambrino
5 months ago
Read More

I submitted a repair request online and within an hour or so I received a call from Igor, who set up an appoint for the very next day, I was taken back by the quick response and promptness. Upon his arrival, Igor did some diagnosing and determined that the compressor needed to be replaced. Igor returned the next day and installed the compressor and got the LG refrigerator running again. Igor, is very prompt, knowledgeable and professional and took his time to answer my questions and explain what he was doing during the repair. I would not hesitate to call Quick Fix Appliance for any future appliance repairs I might need.

Alethea Ataelsaid
Alethea Ataelsaid
5 months ago
Read More

I almost bought a new refrigerator but my mom told me to call a repair man, and I prayed that God would send me the right person. I already went to a store to buy a new unit, but they wouldn’t be able to do delivery until Monday. I googled for appliance repair, and this company popped up! The technician, Igor, arrived in my house within 2 hours, and in less than 30 minutes later my fridge fixed with warranty! He was very pleasant and told me that this fridge will run for 20 more years. I paid way less than what I would pay to get a new fridge. Thank you, Mr Igor!!!! I will certainly use them again if I need to, and will send people their way for sure.

Marisa Yanta
Marisa Yanta
a month ago
Read More

UPDATE! Quick Fix is fantastic!!!! Igor is smart, professional, and want the best for his customers. He tested and repaired my dryer with minimal intervention and diagnosed my intermittently leaking refrigerator as a defrost cycle issue and checked a range top I had purchased that was still in the box. He was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. And he understood when I wanted to wait on the refrigerator repair in case the problem took longer to resurface. When it does he will be my 1st and only choice for that repair as well. It is so nice to know I have a wonderful appliance repairman that is looking out for my best interest. Thank you Quick Fix!!!

Dennis Risher
Dennis Risher
a month ago
Read More

Quick Fix Appliance repaired my Kenmore Elite refrigerator. They were prompt, professional and provided follow-up assistance as my repair was complex. I worked with Igor and he was excellent and made sure the job was complete to my satisfaction.

Italian Trulli
Gurjot Kaur Bandasha
Gurjot Kaur Bandasha
2 months ago
Read More

Thank you Igor for coming in on a quick call and helping us solve the refrigerator issues. Your explanation of the problem and solution was very clear and honest.

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