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Common Reasons Why Your Samsung Refrigerator Isn’t Making Ice—Unconventional Tips to Fix The Issue [BONUS]

Common Reasons Why Your Samsung Refrigerator Isn’t Making Ice

Confused woman in the kitchen, thinking why her New Samsung Refrigerator isn't making ice

Many loyal customers of Samsung end up asking, “Why my Samsung Refrigerator isn’t making ice” once in their lifetime.

Samsung appliances are popular for their reputation and durability, without facing many issues. However, the Samsung refrigerator ice maker usually is a tough nut to crack when it comes to ejecting ice or creating ice quickly. 

If you happen to face the same problem with your Samsung refrigerator, these fixes will help you reset your ice maker.

However, if you need a quick refrigerator fix on a commercial or residential scale, Quick Fix Appliance provides expert repair services for all appliance brands, including Samsung. 

First of all, if your new Samsung fridge not making ice properly, check out the water pressure or water filter. The issues with water pressure and water filters may result in the creating small, cloudy, and clumpy ice. 

However, if you have an ice bucket, consult professional repair services to fix and troubleshoot the problem.

Check if there’s ice blockage or ice buildup

If your Samsung ice dispenser is not working, there are chances of ice buildup or ice blockage. 

To confirm this, check out the ice maker tray or dispenser tube. If there’s ice buildup, defrost the ice manually or if your refrigerator has an auto-defrost function, you can use it to defrost the ice. 

Some Samsung refrigerators have dispenser tubes inside the ice maker, which results in most tube blockages. 

To fix the tube blockage, apply low heat using a hair dryer or steam gun, without causing any damage to the interior liner.

Make sure the Samsung fridge ice maker is “on”

Many Samsung refrigerator models come with an ON/OFF slide switch, which lights up when the ice maker is turned off. 

To make ice, turn the switch ON.

Check the water pressure

Samsung recommends the ideal water pressure for the ice maker is 20 PS, meaning it should be enough to fill 6 ounces (¾ cup) in less than 10 seconds.

If your refrigerator is making ice in blocks or small cubes, understand that the water pressure is too low. 

We recommend investing in a water pressure gauge to measure the water pressure accurately. Alternatively, you can check the pressure by observing the amount of water that comes out when the supply line is disconnected.

Faulty water filter

This procedure works for a refrigerator with a dispenser only!

To check if your water filter is expired, remove the filter and test the water pressure again with the method mentioned above. If you pass the water pressure test now, the water filter is faulty and needs to be replaced by a professional repair service. 

Overall, Samsung suggests replacing their water filters every six months. 

Quick Fix Appliance uses only Samsung brand filters that are designed to work with your refrigerators. 

This procedure works for a refrigerator with NO dispenser!

If your refrigerator comes with no dispenser, you are your own judge!

Here are some signs to look out for a faulty water filter:

  1. When the water or ice in your refrigerator appears murky or cloudy
  2. Your Samsung refrigerator not making ice but water works

Every Samsung refrigerator’s model comes with a different water filter placement. Just locate the filter, twist it, remove it, and replace it with a Samsung water filter. 

Reset your refrigerator compressor

This is by far, one of the easiest methods to check why your Samsung refrigerator isn’t making ice.

  1. Simply unplug your Samsung refrigerator for several minutes, otherwise there will be no use in resetting the fridge. 
  2. Turn off your refrigerator and freezer from the control panel inside the fridge. Once you’re good to go, power the fridge back on.
  3. After rebooting, your refrigerator may show an error code which ultimately confirms the need for professional services without further troubleshooting. 

Samsung fridge ice maker reset

Samsung doesn’t recommend resetting or testing their ice maker until and unless your Samsung refrigerator isn’t making ice, and still, it should be your last resort. 

To do so:

  1. Remove the ice bucket to get to your ice maker
  2. Find the test button, which is a rectangular button near the ice maker
  3. Press the button and hold it for up to 10 seconds. 
  4. Once the test has started, put the ice bucket in.
  5. The test will run for around 6 minutes, and during the cycle, whatever ice is in the ice maker will start dumping. 
  6. After the test is done, you’ll hear another chime, indicating that the Samsung fridge ice maker reset is successfully done. 

After following through all the steps mentioned above, wait at least 8 hours to notice normal ice production. Make sure to dispense the ice regularly during this test period. 

Tips and Tricks to Follow If Your Samsung Ice Dispenser is Not Working 

Young couple looking at their newly fixed Samsung refrigerator

We’ll share some unconventional tips and tricks to fix your issue of the new Samsung fridge not making ice.

  1. If you notice ice buildup in your ice tray, open the door and pull out the ice maker. Place a dishcloth in the bottom of the ice maker and use a hair dryer to melt the ice away. After 3 minutes or so, the ice will start melting. Knock the buildup out and pop the ice maker in. 
  2. Change your water filter every 6 months. Samsung’s ice makers work the best with a fresh filter. 
  3. Avoid slamming your freezer door shut. Always close it gently. That’s because slamming the door shut will spill the water out of the molds and over the ice maker, where it eventually freezes, and causes the problem. 
  4. Make sure you have no loose or leaking plumbing connections because it may lead to no new ice production. Replace and tighten all leaked or loose connections as you go. 
  5. Check the ice tray for any cracks or splits. Always remove or replace old trays to avoid this issue. 
  6. Check out the door seal. If it’s faulty, the temperature will not be stable, and warm air will seep into the fridge door. It’s best to go for self-closing doors, so their weight helps maintain the seal.

Samsung Fridge Not Making Ice Bottom Freezer 

If your Samsung fridge isn’t making ice, the most viable solution is a Samsung fridge ice maker reset. 

Samsung doesn’t recommend doing it so often and claims it should be your last resort. Resetting your ice maker still solves a lot of issues when you’re not getting any ice. 

The process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Remove the ice bucket
  2. Test the ice maker
  3. Insert the ice maker back in
  4. The test is complete, if it chimes one time.

However, if it chimes multiple times, consult with a professional fridge repair service to request service. 

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